Preface Letter



To: The Medical and Nursing Staffs of the Clinical Programs
The University Hospital of Arkansas

Subject: The Hospital Formulary, 1999 edition.

  1. The Formulary is a listing of drugs, dosage forms, package sizes, and drug strengths stocked by the Hospital and ACC Pharmacies. It is published as a quick reference to assist the physician and nursing staffs.
  2. A Formulary System has been in effect at The University Hospital of Arkansas since 1959. The heart of this system is a professional review of all drug requests for continuous stockage. Through the diligent services of the Pharmacy Committee Members, The University Hospital of Arkansas has been able to maintain an up-to-date drug inventory without undue duplication of items.
  3. Drug products are stocked on the basis of generic equivalency and bio-availability in accordance with federal standards. Substandard products due to formulation, manufacturing procedures, storage, or any other reason will not be tolerated.
  4. This Formulary contains a listing of the drug items in stock by the Inpatient and Outpatient Pharmacies. In addition there are stated information and procedures that will help you in obtaining Pharmacy Services.
  5. The support of the Formulary System is an essential element in the “Cost Containment” efforts of this institution.