Current PGY2 Resident

Audrey Wenski, PharmDAudrey Wenski
Hometown: Lenexa, KS
Education: University of Kansas, PharmD (Lawrence, KS); Vidant Medical Center, PGY1 (Greenville, NC)
Practice areas of interest: MICU, NSICU, ED
Interests outside of pharmacy: trying new restaurants, going to the gym,  streaming services (Netflix, Bravo, etc), reading
Why UAMS? I was really excited to continue my education at a Level 1 trauma center (the only in the state) and at a teaching hospital, and everyone I spoke to throughout the interview process was so personable and friendly; I could see myself working with them! In addition, I took Dr. Cora Housley’s Critical Care elective when she taught at KU and remembered how highly she spoke of UAMS.
Why PGY2 in Critical Care? I love the integral role the pharmacist plays while working with the critical care team. There are also always opportunities for teaching/learning – students, medical residents, and my own personal learning!