Current PGY1 Residents

Ashten Anderson, PharmDAshten Anderson
Hometown: Long Beach, MS
Education: PharmD – University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
Practice Areas of Interest: Infectious Diseases, Critical Care, and Cardiology
Interests outside of pharmacy: Outside of pharmacy I love running, learning how to cook new things (e.g. sushi), drawing, and spending time with family and friends.
Why UAMS?  When beginning my residency search, I will admit I did not know much about UAMS. During a residency showcase, however, a fellow pharmacy student was excited to visit UAMS’s virtual booth and I signed on with her. I was blown away by the team atmosphere I could feel even through a computer screen and the obvious dedication to residents. After researching more into the program, I realized that in addition to a great team and work environment that they also offered an array of experiences that aligned with many of my personal interests. I can’t wait for a great year!

Hayley Harrington, PharmDHayley Harrington
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Education: PharmD – UAMS College of Pharmacy
Practice area of interest: Critical Care 
Interests outside of pharmacy: Camping, rock climbing, reading, spending time with friends and family, and watching Netflix
Why UAMS?  During my APPE rotations, I had the opportunity to see how much support was given to the residents and it reminded me of a family. I saw how excited the preceptors were to share their knowledge with residents and I knew I wanted to continue my journey at UAMS. Plus, the diversity in electives offered at UAMS will expose me to several new experiences. 

Kristyn McKnight, BSN, PharmDKristyn McKnight
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Education: PharmD – University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy
Practice areas of interest: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Interests outside of pharmacy: Rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, gardening, baking
Why UAMS?  I chose UAMS because of its incredibly well-established program and welcoming pharmacy staff. Learning in the setting of a Level 1 Trauma Center and teaching facility will provide the perfect framework to achieve my career goals. 

Natalie Stirrup, PharmDNatalie Stirrup
Hometown: Searcy, AR
Education: PharmD – Harding University College of Pharmacy
Practice areas of interest: Critical Care, Cardiology, and Emergency Medicine. 
Interests outside of pharmacy: In my free time I enjoy baking, kayaking, hiking, traveling, and playing with my adorable niece and nephew.
Why UAMS?  I chose UAMS because I wanted to be at an academic medical center that had interesting and unique rotation options. I knew I would be exposed to patient populations and disease states at UAMS that I would be less likely to see anywhere else in Arkansas. Despite my interview season being mostly virtual, I could sense the positive culture and supportive learning environment at UAMS. I liked the resident class size of four, and I was drawn to the great preceptors and RPD. Plus, central Arkansas is a great area with lots of natural beauty to explore.