2020 – 2021 Residency Awards

The residency class of 2019-2020 started a tradition of awarding UAMS Pharmacy employees that had a significant impact on their residency year. This tradition has carried onto this year’s class. Below are the results and the residents commentary.

Pharmacy Technician of the Year: Robert Brooks

Robert knows the inpatient pharmacy inside and out and is an extremely hard worker. He never fails to step in when any of the residents have questions, and often will catch things like a missed signature or auxiliary label before sending out a medication. Robert has always helped out countless times when we needed a medication STAT for a code or an emergency. He never fails to have a great attitude and is an asset to the pharmacy department here at UAMS! We highly appreciate the work you do for our department and our patients.

Robert Brooks
Pictured (L-R): Emily Morgan, Kayla Leathem, Maggie Thannisch, Robert Brooks, Molly Warren, Taylor Sivils

Pharmacist of the Year: Robert Stark

Robert Stark (king in the north!) has been a breath of fresh air this year due to his constant positivity and always having a smile on his face. Robert has been an integral part of training all of us this year and is always willing to explain orders, processes and any other questions we have while staffing (and we know we usually have a lot of questions). He was not only a huge help during our orientation month, but has continued to be a wonderful mentor as we have continued to staff throughout the residency year through their patience, kindness, and dedication to teaching. Robert has a contagious personality and never fails to stop and ask how we are doing anytime we walk through the inpatient pharmacy. We are so appreciative of everything Robert has done for us and we are so thankful we got the chance to work alongside him this year!

Robert Stark
Pictured (L-R): Emily Morgan, Taylor Sivils, Robert Stark, Molly Warren, Maggie Thannisch

Preceptor of the Year: Brett Bailey

Brett was chosen due to his continuous involvement in each of the resident’s journey over this last year. Brett was always willing to help no matter the time of day or other responsibilities he had. He is an essential team member to the UAMS pharmacy department and residency program through his investment and commitment to the residents and their various responsibilities throughout the year. Through his continuous positive attitude and assurance of understanding of committee work and research projects, we happily award preceptor of the year to Brett Bailey.

Preceptor of Year - Brett Bailey
Picture (L-R): Emily Morgan, Taylor Sivils, Brett Bailey, Maggie Thannisch, Molly Warren, Kayla Leathem